For Sale in the Azteca Tower

Check In "Monday to Monday", unless otherwise stated

The Azteca Tower is an 15 story structure, and all suites are accessible by three elevators off the main lobby. The Tower Suites are air conditioned. New mattresses and flat screen TV's were installed in the suites in 2013. The Tower offers a picturesque view of the City of Mazatlán from the street side.

To view the pictures and details for all Suites, click on the name: Junior Suites; One Bedroom Suites; Two Bedroom Suites; and Three Bedroom Penthouse

To understand the Week Numbers and Dates check the Timeshare Interval Calendar

Week 6, Azteca Executive Suite, # T-1402

Two Bedroom Executive Suite, 1402, Ownership till 2039, Sale Price $5,000.00 plus Transfer Fee of $500.00. Email: Diana L. Brown, 773.935.0388,
Pictures and Description, 01/25/2019

Week 7, Azteca Exeuctive Suite T 607 - sometimes at Carnival

Two Bedroom Executive Corner Suite, # T607, Ownership till 2039,
Sale Price: $4,500.00, plus $500.00 Transfer Fee,  
Email: Bruce McLeod (604)536-8132, Pictures and Description, 01/01/2020

Weeks 7 & 8

Junior Suite #1001 in the Azteca Tower, Week 7, and 1104 a 1BR Ground Floor Inca Suite week 8. These two weeks are available as a package priced at $10,000.00, plus Transfer Fees. Ownership till 2039 on both contracts.
Email: Kendra Bartell, (509) 429 1675, Pictures and Description of Junior Suite, Pictures and Description of Inca 1BR. 01/26/2019

Week 8, Azteca Luxury Suite # T1101

One Bedroom Luxury Suite; Ownership to 2039; $2,500.00, split title Transfer, Make an Offer, Fee Contact: email Mark Riese (952)-479-1155 or (952) 393 1607. Pictures & Description 01/01/2020

Week 42, Azteca Executive Suite, # T-907

Two Bedroom Executive Suite, 907, Ownership till 2039, Sale Price $5,000.00 plus Transfer Fee of $500.00. Email: Jana Vander Werff, (801) 389 6882
Pictures and Description, 09/18/2019

Floating Week 1 ~ 50, January 8th ~ December 17th

One Bedroom Luxury Suite, Ownership to 2039, $1,000.00 plus Transfer Fees. . Email: Michelle Engler (612) 501 4595 or (952) 224 6782 Pictures and Description, 01/01/2020


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