Web Site Cost and Financial Disclosure

The Owners Web Site has proven to be an excellent asset to owning Timeshare Properties at the Inn of Mazatlán. In the 9 years the we have authored our own Web Site.

440 Rental and Sales transaction have been competed. These sales and rentals were all deals made between the Owner and the Renter and or Buyer.

Not one complaint has been voiced over any of these 440 transactions. What a positive statement this is for the Owners at the Inn. This confirms the preference.

"The Inn is Where Class Meets Class"!

The Web Sites function is to act as the platform advertising and exposing an Owners available unit/s to the Public and to other Owners through the World Wide Web.

You, the Owners are the Sales Team. You make the Deal! The Web Site is just one of your tools. One that has no cost associated with any rental or sale, neither to the Buyer or to the Seller.

We can boldly proclaim "The Owners Web Site" is an asset to your owing your Timeshare at The Inn at Mazatlán!

Financials 2019

Web Expenses and Donations - 2019
Date Vendor Explanation Amount
2009~ 2018 Expenses $3,497.37
2009 ~ 2018 Donations  $3,960.00
1/1/19 Kitty balance forward $462.63
Expenses Adobe  Software 252.17
Go Daddy Search Engine
Email marketing 561.02
Hosting, Search Eng 2. yrs 365.64
Registration www.theinnatmazatlan 50.32
Donations Expenses $1,229.15
2-Mar Jim & Debbie Grant Edmonds. WA 50.00
3-Mar Ron & Janeen Eastwood Pella, IA 15.00
3-Mar Randal & Joan King Centerville, OH 30.00
3-Mar Javier & Sandra Calvillo Tacoma, WA 100.00
3-Mar Lynn  Stockman Carmel, CA 25.00
3-Mar Jeff & Susan Johnson Beloit, WI 10.00
3-Mar Larry & Connie Catlett Las Vegas, NV 100.00
4-Mar Chris Hales Oremm. UT 25.00
4-Mar Ron & Peggy Henning Tacoma, WA 25.00
4-Mar Doug & Julie Wagstaff Heber City, UT  100.00
4-Mar Dave Brahney & Debbie Halter Vallejo, CA 25.00
4-Mar Jack & Karla Stanford   Omaha, NE 25.00
4-Mar Willard & Kathleen Kowalczuk Hamony, PA 50.00
4-Mar Charles & JoAnne Owens  Houston, TX 25.00
5-Mar Howard & Charles Mitchell Palm Desert. CA 100.00
5-Mar Don & Debbie Cassier Downers Grove, IL 50.00
5-Mar Jim & Kathie East Plain City, UT 25.00
5-Mar Brian & Kathleen  Kimmel Hopewell, IL  25.00
5-Mar Darleene Haley Whittier, CA 25.00
6-Mar Rich & Mary Williams Winters, CA 100.00
6-Mar Dave & Jan Dutelle Rochester, MN  50.00
6-Mar Canela Arechiga  Duval, WA  25.00
6-Mar Charles & Judy Morgan Poulsbo, WA 50.00
8-Mar Mark & Lori Gehrman Lake Havasue City, AZ 40.00
9-Mar Tom & Vickie Naper La Conner, WA 50.00
14-Mar Patti Fredricks Livermore, CA 50.00
20-Mar Kim & Judy Rodgers Abbotsford, BC 50.00
25-Mar Dan & Susan Fielden  Calaragy, AB 20.00
30-Mar John & Diane Sack Novato, CA 50.00
1-Jun Bob & Marilyn Steuben Pleasanton, CA 50.00
7-Aug Jack & Joanne Henry Lynnwood, WA 20.00
Hey, The Kittly is in the Black.  Gracias  $618.48

Complete Financial records for all years of operation are available upon request from any Registered Owner.

Owners may at their pleasure donate to the maintenance and the expenses of operating this web site. If you are so inclined please consider mailing a donation or making one with your credit card via PayPal.

Norman C. Ribble
PO Box 897
Elephant Butte, NM 87935
(505) 250 1742

Please use my name on your check, as the Bank will not deposit checks made out to the Owners Inn at Mazatlan or Owners Web Site.

Thank you & sincerely,

Norm & Dottie

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