For Rent - Mayan Tower


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There are "NO" Timeshare Units available till May, 2019 from Guest Services

Check In "Monday to Monday", unless other wise stated

The Main Building is the original development of the Inn at Mazatlan Complex and Mayan tower was the first addition to the Inn's complex.

In the Main Building the ground floor units are both 1 Bedroom Suites and Studios, and primarily Studio's on the second an third floors.

The Mayan Tower hosts both 1 Bedroom Suites and 2 Bedroom Penthouse Suites. The Mayan Suites are access by an elevator. All Studios and Suites units are Air Conditioned, and new mattresses and flat screen TV's were installed in 2013. Pictures and details for: Studio, 1 Bedroom Suites and 2 Bedroom Penthouse Suites

To understand the Week Numbers and Dates check the Timeshare Interval Calendar

Dates shown are Check In and Check Out dates

The Mayan Tower is scheduled to be demolished in 2019 and all suites are being transfered to the Inca and Azteca Towers.