For Sale in the Mayan & Main Building

Main Buildings & Mayan Tower

Check In "Monday to Monday", unless other wise stated

The Mayan Tower is scheduled to be demolished, and the announced date is September, 2018. However note that this date has previously been moved twice! ??

When this demolition does occur the Inn has committed that all suites in the Mayan will be reallocated to 1 BR Suites in ether the Inca or Azteca Towers.

To understand the Week Numbers and Dates check the Timeshare Interval Calendar

Week 8, Ground Floor Studio Main Building

Studio Ground Floor Main Building, Ownership expires 2039; $2,500.00, including maintenance fee and transfer fee. Email: Leola Hecox 319-385-3683
Pictures & Description 1/30/2017

Floating Weeks 1 ~ 50, January 8th ~ December 18th

One Bedroom Suite, Ownership expires 2041, $1,500.00, including Transfer Fees, Email: Bonnie Groening, (250) 316 8139, Pictures and Description, 7/18/2018

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