The Presentation Plaque to the Samaritan Owners

The Primary School

Diana Laura Riojas De Colosio

Morning Shift

Grant the following


"Inn at Mazatlan Owners Samaritan Fund Group"

For your Valuable Help.

We were asked to come to the El Conchi School on Friday morning, January 12th.

We were totally surprised to be greeted not only by Manual de Jesus Roman Esquer, Director of the School, but also by the Chairman, and five of the Board Members of the Mazatlan Public Schools.

Director Roman Ezquer gave a short talk on what the Owners Samaritan's had done for the School over the last five years. He stressed that we were Americans and Canadians, who came as visitors to Mazatlan but gave of our hearts to the people of Mazatlan and expressed his and the Children's thanks for our support and generosity. Then they unveiled the Plaque that is shown above - Recognizing you the Samaritans of The Inn at Mazatlan.

Manual Speech(download)

This the article on the presentation that appeared in the Noreste Newspaper.

New article

The translation is:

       Recognize Support for Primary School

For their wonderful support in favor of the Educational Community and children from Elementary School in the Colonia of Loma Bonita, a group of Tourists from the US and Canada were recognized by School Administrators, Teachers and students for their efforts.

The Group associated The Good Samaritan of Sacramento, California. For the last few years, The Group with the help of Norman Ribble, Michael and Linda Dorn, Rich and Mary Williams have raised funds and allocated resources to carry out different projects to better the School environment for the children and Staff.

Mary Williams(of Mexican decent) but native speaker commented on the different projects that have taken place within the last few years, installing AC units in each classroom, re-roofing a collapsed ceiling in a classroom, painting the school and taking the students on a shopping spree.

Manual de Jesus Roman Esquer, the Director/Principal of the School expressed his thanks on behalf of the School to for the generosity of the Group's help in making the Faculty/School a better place for the students.

"Many things have been done in the school and in recognition of their great hearts, we are unveiling this plaque in their honor", he added.

Caption under photo is:

A plaque is unveiled in honor of the Good Samaritan Foundation

(As we all know when reading a Reporters words in the News Paper, they are just close to being factual. The photo does show where the Plaque is attached to the wall near the Director's Office.

The Director and I unveiled the Plaque, and I was handed the microphone and ask to say a few words. In general my comments where that " We from the US and Canada are visitors in Mexico and we recognize it is your Country. We come to Mazatlan as we love the Country, the wonderful beach and weather, but too we love the culture and people of Mexico. We want to help where we can and it is our way of saying Thank You for the privileged of visiting in Mexico".

The Classroom Presentation by the Students.

The Children of each Grade lever then made and presented their 'Thank You in the form of classroom skits.

Ninos 1-3(download)

The 6th Grade 'Chicas' Dance

dance 1-7(download)

Now the 5th Grade presents The Story of The Revolution


And in all wars there are casualties, but from his smile I think this Soldier will survive.


Now the 4th Graders present for your enjoyment a Rock Concert.


The 3rd Graders won my Heart, when they lined up and sang to us "Que Será".


Music notes

Que Será, Será What ever will be will be.

The future is not ours to see. Que Será, Será

They were precious and had practiced very well as they sang in English. We joined them in good voices but with moist eyes.

The Superintendent of the Mazatlan Public Schools, the Assistant Superintendent , Manual de Jesus, Director, and Michael Dorn watching the Presentations.



These are the Patrons who make this Happen. Left to Right. Mary Williams, Jesus de Manual, Patty Lizarraga, teacher and wife of Elias from the Inn, Rich Williams, and Michael Dorn.

We must give credit to the William's and the Dorn's; as they have over these five years been the ones who put up the funding for our Samaritan efforts and then waited, until you and I made our contributions to get part of their funds returned.

Point in case. The morning we were at the School, Mike noticed the brown paint pealing on some of the walls; and he and the Williams then offered to purchase paint and have a contractor repaint the lower brown on the wall. This is the area that takes wear and tear from the Children.

The Samaritan Group would not be possible if members had not chosen Mazatlan as a vacation location. It all started with the Timeshare experience at The Inn, where many in the group have known each other for many years. The other connection to the school is the Teacher, Patty Lizarraga (aka know as Elias's wife). Patti was Hostess at Papagayo's as a young 19 year old. Now she is now living her dream by being a Teacher at Diana Laura Riojas De Colosio in El Conchi.

There are 377 children in the 'Morning Shift" at the School, and that many again in the "Afternoon Shift". So when we do our Samaritan work for the Children, we are affecting the lives of many young boys and girls in our Ciudad of Our Choice..Mazatlan.

We were given a small plaque just like the one attached to the wall next to the Directors Office. As a group we decided to present this award to Javier Esquivel and Teresa McFarland at The Inn At Mazatlan on your behalf. We asked them; if they would honor you Samaritans and display that plaque in a place in the Lobby, so that all Owners might share in this recognition.


I must share this one with you. If is of a Mother and little brother of one of the 'Actors" in the Revolution Presentation. Now isn't he a dandy!


Samaritan Owners the Niños of El Conchi send you their Greetings.



Norm Ribble,