The Samaritan Project for the last 6 years has been to help the Primacy School in the El Conchi Community of Mazatlan

We've supported El Conchi School over the last 6 years - $12,000.00
We've supported Maria Estrada with her health problems - $7,425.00
We've supported Carlos Estrada to get a knee replacement - $8,245.00
We've supported our Santa Shopping Spree for the Ninos - $4,005.00

$31,675.00..WOW! What Tremendous and Generous Samaritans

We were invited to the School, when they had a Recognition Ceremony in honor of the Samaritan's at the Inn at Mazatlan. Mike Dorn and Rick Williams noticed that the lower burgundy paint on the wall of the schools was flacking and was deteriorating. Between the two of them they funded having this part of the school walls repainted.

El Conchi.paint 1 El Conchi paint 2

Now the sad part. A couple of weeks later there was an emergency at the School. Thieves had broken the gate, and then cut and stole the main electrical wiring feeding the power distribution panel.

No Lights, No Fans, No Computers, No Air Conditioning.

And the worse part Not Enough Money to replace the wiring. They were able to raise $150.00, and we Samaritans stepped up to the plate and funded the $450.00 balance. This indicates to us that we need to maintain a Kitty in the support of our adopted School at El Conchi in Mazatlan.

We ask that you consider being a Samaritan in 2017 with your contributions.

2017 Samaritan Funding 
1-Jan Opening Balance 0.00
10-Feb Paint Lower Wall El Conchi 720.00
20-Feb Emergency Electrical 450.00
2-Feb Rickie & Amanda Williams  Winters, CA 360.00
4-Feb Mike & &Linda Dorn Coronado CA 360.00
9-Mar Art & Mary Anstine Parker, CO  100.00
5-Apr Chip & Mary Plomteaux Las Vegas, NV 200.00
17-Apr Howard & Charles Mitchell Palm desert, CA 100.00
6-Jul Mike & Linda Dorn Coronado CA 250.00
6-Jul Patti Fredricks  Livermore, Ca  100.00
30-Jul Charlie & Judy Morgan Poulsbo, WA100.00
30-Oct Carson & Leeann Ribble Hudson, CO 100.00
8-Nov Rich, Mary, Mandy and Richie Williams Whinters, CA 300.00
7-Dec James & Renee Hall St Louis, MO 100.00
7-Dec Norman & Dottie Ribble Elephant Butte, NM 100.00
19-Dec Larry & Mo Kalesnik Ardmore, OK 100.00
19-Dec Larry & Connie Catlett Las Vegaa, NV 100.00
2017  Donations 2,370.00
2018 Balance in Kitty   $1,200.00
5 Jan Rich, Mary, Mandy and Richie Williams Whinters, CA 100.00
  Balance in Kitty   $1,300.00

You may donate by credit card by clicking on this donation link

Or you may mail a check to:

Norman Ribble
PO Box 897
Elephant Butte, NM 87935